[Mailman-Users] Mailman 2.1.5 - FQDN Question

Cogley, Rick rick.cogley at esolia.co.jp
Thu Jul 21 05:55:03 CEST 2005

Hello, and Greetings from Japan - I'm new to the list and to Mailman, but I
hope someone more experienced will be able to give me some pointers since I
have not been able to get specific info from google or the manual on this
problem. Please allow me to explain a little:

After installing 2.1.5 from RPM on Fedora Core 4, I tried to set up
mm_cfg.py with FQDN values, but was only able to get Mailman to start
(service mailman start) if I only enter the virtual host section, like so,
with all my other failed attempts remmed out with a #: 


# DEFAULT_URL_HOST     = www.domainofmine.net
# DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST   = domainofmine.net

# DEFAULT_URL_HOST     = rcogley.user.myisp.com
# DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST   = rcogley.user.myisp.com

# Because we've overriden the virtual hosts above add_virtualhost
# MUST be called after they have been defined.

# NOTE: bug with quotes
add_virtualhost('www.domainofmine.net', 'domainofmine.net')

I was not able to get Mailman to start if I set DEFAULT_URL_HOST in the
lines above the add_virtualhost line. It complains about not being able to
find the hostname www. (I do have www defined in the DNS zone for
domainofmine.net). Anyway, even with just the add_virtualhost line only, I
am able to add lists from the web interface without trouble, and the lists
that get created work correctly. It is when I try adding and configuring
lists from the command line that I run into trouble.

Here's the essence of the shell script I cobbled together from a couple of
sources including the archives of this list. It's not sophisticated with
for/do loops or anything but it seems to get the job done. I am using it to
quickly create a few lists for a single company, and hope to increase
efficiency in doing so. If we have the customer Acme, then this asks for the
"short name" for the company at the prompt, and then proceeds to make 4
lists - acme-support@, acme-911@, acme-memo@, acme-sales at domainofmine.net.

# --
# mm-multi.sh - a script for creating Mailman lists. 
echo "mm-multi.sh - <\$Revision: 0.1 $>"

# set global variables
MMOWNEREMAIL=rick.cogley at domainofmine.co.jp
echo Creating lists based on a structure...
while [ "$x" != "y" ]; do
  echo Enter a short name for the client, no spaces, lowercase:
  echo == SCRIPT PRESETS ==
  echo Location of Mailman scripts: $MMBIN
  echo Location of Mailman aliases: $MMALIASES
  echo List language: $MMLISTLANG
  echo List Owner Email: $MMOWNEREMAIL
  echo List Admin Password: $MMADMINPASS
  echo == USER ==
  echo Client Short Name: $CSHORTNAME
  echo "Is this correct? (y/n)"
  read x
/path/to/newlist -l en -q $CSHORTNAME-sales owner at domainofmine.net s0m3pass 
/path/to/add_members -r memberlistfile -w n -a y $CSHORTNAME-sales
echo "description = '$CSHORTNAME-sales'"
echo "available_languages = ['en', 'ja']"
echo "accept_these_nonmembers =
'^[^@]+@(.+\\\.|)domainofmine\\\.com$', '^[^@]+@(.+\\\.|)gmail\\\.com$']"
/path/to/config_list -i /tmp/mm-multi-$CSHORTNAME-sales-tmp

[[repeat newlist through config_list for three more "default" list

echo Lists Just Created: 
/path/to/list_lists |grep $CSHORTNAME

# cleanup
rm -f /tmp/mm-multi*

exit 0

A couple of observations: 

* After I used this script to create a set of test lists, it sent mail to
the owner (my account) FROM: mailman at localhost.localdomain. That indicates
to me something is wrong with a config file somewhere. The web
interface-created lists do NOT have this problem. They come in FROM:
mailman at domainofmine.net. 

* Although "Advertise this list when people ask what lists are on this
machine?" is set to YES for these lists, all four that were autocreated by
the script are all not visible in the web list at
http://www.domainofmine.net/mailman/listinfo/. I can access them by typing
in the expected URL in the browser address bar:

* Even though I can bring up the admin area for the new lists by typing
their URLs in manually (the links are not visible) the links all have
localhost.localdomain in them, and so do not work. 

So my questions are: what do I set or focus on to make this
localhost.localdomain anomaly go away? Also, those regexps in
accept_these_nonmembers seem to overlap - does anyone know if there is a way
to set the regexp so that all mail from any domain with a certain string is

Any advice appreciated! THanks very much in advance...

Rick Cogley
Tokyo Japan

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