[Mailman-Users] new list announcements coming from "mailman-admin"

Matt Emerson rme at grc.nasa.gov
Fri Jul 22 17:50:21 CEST 2005

On our system (Mac OS X Server, using the bundled Postfix and bundled
Mailman 2.1.4), when we create a new list with the newlist command,
the new list announcement that is sent to the list owner comes from
"mailman-admin at our.list.server".  This address is also cited as the
address to which questions should be sent.

However, when a user sends mail to mailman-admin, the system thinks
it's a bounce.  Unrecognized bounces get forwarded to the list owners,
so we do see them, but this is obviously sub-optimal.

So, it seems that we have two options:

1. We could edit the aliases file. It currently reads as follows.

mailman:             "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman post mailman"
mailman-admin:       "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman admin mailman"
mailman-bounces:     "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman bounces mailman"
mailman-confirm:     "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman confirm mailman"
mailman-join:        "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman join mailman"
mailman-leave:       "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman leave mailman"
mailman-owner:       "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman owner mailman"
mailman-request:     "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman request mailman"
mailman-subscribe:   "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman subscribe mailman"
mailman-unsubscribe: "|/usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman unsubscribe mailman"

If we made mailman-admin just be an alias for mailman, this could
possibly work, although I worry that this alteration would be undone
if someone ever ran genaliases.  (I also note that the admin and
bounces scripts in /usr/share/mailman/scripts are identical.)

2.  We could edit the newlist command, and where it says

        siteadmin = Utils.get_site_email(mlist.host_name, 'admin')

we could make it read

        siteadmin = Utils.get_site_email(mlist.host_name)

This is not very appealing---I'd rather not have to remember to make
this change when we update the Mailman software.

Is there something else that we are doing wrong?  Perhaps our site list
is somehow set up incorrectly?  I did read the FAQ and search the
archives a bit, but I'm sure it's possible that I missed a solution.

Any pointers or help would be appreciated.

Matt Emerson
rme at grc.nasa.gov

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