[Mailman-Users] [J-XX] how to manipulate the list queue ?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Jul 24 17:40:08 CEST 2005

Stefan - Party.at wrote:
>1.) how can I stop sending out an email after having released it via the 

If you are very quick, stop mailman (bin/mailmanctl stop) and then
delete the message from qfiles/out/. Or you might try stopping it at
the outgoing MTA.

In practice, you probably can't do it. Your question is equivalent to
"I've pulled the trigger with the gun pointing at my foot - how do I
stop the bullet?"

>2.) how can I easily clean/flush the list of pending requests awaiting 
>moderator action?
>- It's flooded by spam requests and I don't want to click on discard 300 
>times ... ;-)

What Mailman version is this? In 2.1.5 and above, there is a "Discard
all messages marked Defer" checkbox on the main admindb page.

You can also delete all the data/heldmsg-listname-*.pck files and
delete the lists/listname/request.pck file (in 2.1.5 and above -
request.db in earlier versions) and the visit the list's admindb page
which will recreate it.

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