[Mailman-Users] HTML mail getting garbled

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jul 28 02:29:08 CEST 2005

Allen Watson wrote:

>I'm having a problem like Liviu reported a couple of weeks ago. I'm on Mac OS X
>Tiger. I created an HTML mail message as follows:
>Message, including graphic, is posted as a web page by our designer. I
>open this in a browser, and use Safari's "Mail contents of this Page"
>command, which creates a message in Mail.app. The message looks
>perfect. I address it to our list, and CC it to myself.
>Second method: Using Microsoft Word's "Open Web Page" command, I
>access the web page. It opens and displays in Word, graphic and
>formatting as desired. I use Word's command, "Send to Mail Recipient
>as HTML", which creates a message in Entourage. Message looks fine.
>Address it as above.
>With both methods, the copy I CC to myself, which does not pass
>through the mailing list, arrives in my Entourage In Box looking just
>as it should. The copies that pass through the list (I am subscribed
>under 3 different addresses on mac.com, Earthlink.net, and a pair.com
>mail account) all arrive in Entourage with the logo missing, and the two-column
>format is lost; the left column appears at the top above the right
>column material. Bold and italic are preserved; the messages are HTML,
>but imperfect.
>At least one other person, who uses a Windows machine, reports that
>one of the messages arrived for him with the logo intact, but the
>other lacked the logo.
>In pair.com's SquirrelMail web interface, it comes through as plain text.
>Earthlink's standard web interface displays the message perfectly;
>their beta interface keeps the graphic, but distorts it, and displaces
>some of the text from a left column to the top of the page.
>Does anyone have an explanation for this strangeness, or have any
>suggestions on what we can do about it?

Assuming Content Filtering is Off, the only thing Mailman might be
doing to the content is wrapping it in another MIME level to add list
header and or footer. You could try removing any msg_header and/or
msg_footer if you have any.

If this doesn't fix it, you need to diff the raw messages from direct
Cc: and from the list and see what, other than the obvious top level
headers, is different.

One possibility is if the original message HTML contains very long
lines, one of the MTAs on the path to/from Mailman might be dropping

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