[Mailman-Users] Digest Sending Questions

John Dennis jdennis at redhat.com
Thu Jul 28 14:18:48 CEST 2005

On Thu, 2005-07-28 at 07:03 -0500, David Scribner wrote:
> I am currently running a "test" list on Mailman (2.1.5) on OSX Tiger 
> (10.4.2) and seem to have some problems with the sending of Digests.
> I have the list set that it will bunch traffic in Digests.  And I 
> have the option "Should a digest be dispatched daily when the size 
> threshold isn't reached?" set to YES.  But it is not sending out a 
> Daily Digest although there are posts in the queue.  It only seems to 
> be sending out a digest when the Threshold is reached.  What can I do 
> to make Mailman send out the Digest Daily even if there are only a 
> couple of posts for that Digest?  I have even tried to "toggle" the 
> Daily Sending option to NO and then back to YES but that doesn't seem 
> to work to force a Daily Digest.
> Also, I don't see anything where I can set the time that a Daily 
> Digest is sent out.  On my current LetterRipPro list server I have 
> the Digests for the lists that have a digest option to send for each 
> list at a different time, actually about a half an hour apart just to 
> lessen the amount of out-going traffic when the Digests get sent.  Is 
> it possible to do that same with Mailman?

The timed delivery of digests is implemented via a cron job that runs
the mailman/cron/senddigests script. If your digests are not being sent
the first thing to check is if the cron jobs are enabled. You can set
the time this cron job runs so you can control when they are sent out.
John Dennis <jdennis at redhat.com>

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