[Mailman-Users] arch and html files

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jul 28 16:47:58 CEST 2005

Jean-Philippe GIOLA wrote:

>Dan Phillips wrote:
>> On Jul 28, 2005, at 7:53 AM, Jean-Philippe GIOLA wrote:
>>> Hi all
>>> I know it is possible to re-create archives' html files for a list  
>>> using
>>> "/bin/arch listname path_to_listname.mbox"
>>> But my problem is that i want to re-create those html files only  for 
>>> the
>>> last mail of listname.mbox
>>> Is it possible ??
>> Look at the options for bin/arch:
>>     -s N
>>     --start=N
>>         Start indexing at article N, where article 0 is the first in  
>> the mbox.
>>         Defaults to 0.
>yes but using this option, you must know how many mails there are in the 
>mbox file.
>and I don't know that number...
>Is it possible to know it ?

grep ^From\ path_to_listname.mbox | wc | awk '{print $3-1}' -

I'm assuming you want to use bin/arch to add a message to the archive
and that's why you're not using --wipe in your examples.

bin/arch can read any mbox format file. Thus you could use 'sed' for
example to extract the last message from the mbox and write it to 'x'
and then do 'bin/arch listname x'

>From your previous posts about archiving, I assume you are trying to do
this to maintain pipermail archives in addition to using an external
archiver. In that case, it's even easier. Have your external archiver
write the current post to 'x' (you may have to add the initial From_
line) and then do 'bin/arch listname x'.

Alternatively, you could just use Mailman's pipermail archiving only
and build your external achiver to receive its input via an e-mail
address which you subscribe to the list.

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