[Mailman-Users] Help with web-based confirmation

Russ Romano rromano at sioptical.com
Thu Jul 28 18:22:42 CEST 2005

I'm new to the mailman users list.  I was a remote admin for a
listproc-based mailing list for many years and upgrading to mailman a
couple of years ago.  A recent upgrade by our ISP pushed me to mailman
v2.0.13, and certain features appear to have been lost/hidden in this
migration.  I was hoping this group could provide some insight.
The biggest issue is that subscription confirmation via email doesn't
appear to work at all.  I'm not sure if mailman is having trouble with
HTML or MIME in the replies, or the appended >'s in the reply cause
problems... but it isn't working for the majority of my users.  In the
past there was a very reliable web-based confirmation.  I know this
still exists because I used it to confirm my subscription to THIS list,
but on my confirmation emails it is missing, and I can't find an option
to turn it on via the admin interface.
I am a remote admin, and the mailman installation is outside of my
control.  I can work with my ISP to make changes... but they are not
mailman savvy so it is a painful process.  I'm hoping I'm just missing
an easy fix via the admin web interface.
Any insight would be appreciated.

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