[Mailman-Users] What Happened To The Message?

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri Jun 3 07:30:11 CEST 2005

At 9:23 PM -0700 2005-06-02, Hunter Hillegas wrote:

>  So, I go to look at Mailman's 'post' file and the last entry is from a few
>  days back. Nothing related to this post at all.
>  Also, nothing ever hit the archives.

	Which archives did you check?  Did you check the raw source 
listname.mbox file, or the "cooked" archives after processing?

	I ask because we had some problems recently on the mailing lists 
for python.org where some lists got "hung" on a given message which 
had been written to the raw listname.mbox file, but had not yet been 
through the rest of the process.  They had been shunted, and the 
queue runners kept running, but once those messages got into the 
queue for that list, nothing else for that list would go through.

	Barry was able to find the problem and fix it, and I'm pretty 
sure that his changes were incorporated into the 2.1.6 version that 
was officially released recently.

>  Is there something in between postfix getting/delivering the message and
>  Mailman posting it? Could it still be churning on something? I don't see
>  Python using hardly any CPU.
>  How can I determine what happened?

	Check the other logs, and the shunt queue directory.

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