[Mailman-Users] Migration from Linux to MacOSX

Heather Madrone heather at madrone.com
Sun Jun 5 22:41:23 CEST 2005

At 2:08 AM +0800 6/6/05, Carfield Yim wrote:
>I need to do the migration from Linux to MacOSX, can anyone point me to
>some document of how to do this?

I'm running Mailman on OSX 10.2.8.  The setup was straightforward
Installation varies depending on which version of OSX you're running,
and your preferred MTA.  For some reason, a lot of versions of OSX
come with sendmail preinstalled while others have postfix or nothing.

The Mailman documentation at <http://www.list.org/docs.html> is
excellent and comprehensive.  Use the FAQ Wizard to find
specific information on moving lists.  The information on OSX
is somewhat scanty, but the general information is very good.

Mac users are also good at putting step-by-step how-to information up
on the web (indeed, one might say that Apple relies on its users for
good documentation).  A Google query for the specific task you're
trying to do will probably help more than me sharing the documentation
I used to get Mailman and exim set up on jaguar.

A lot of things on the Mac are non-Unix-standard because the Mac
has a schizophrenic operating system.  Part of it is pure BSD Unix,
but the rest of it is pure Mac native.  Many things, like starting systems
services, setting up networking, creating a caching name server, and
other things that you might expect to be vanilla Unix, have at least
a couple of strange twists on the Mac.

Apache set-up on the Mac is easier than on any other Unix system
I've tried. 

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