[Mailman-Users] Migration from Linux to MacOSX

Carfield Yim carfield at carfield.com.hk
Mon Jun 6 19:06:04 CEST 2005

>I'm running Mailman on OSX 10.2.8.  The setup was straightforward
>Installation varies depending on which version of OSX you're running,
>and your preferred MTA.  For some reason, a lot of versions of OSX
>come with sendmail preinstalled while others have postfix or nothing.
>The Mailman documentation at <http://www.list.org/docs.html> is
>excellent and comprehensive.  Use the FAQ Wizard to find
>specific information on moving lists.  The information on OSX
>is somewhat scanty, but the general information is very good.
>Mac users are also good at putting step-by-step how-to information up
>on the web (indeed, one might say that Apple relies on its users for
>good documentation).  A Google query for the specific task you're
>trying to do will probably help more than me sharing the documentation
>I used to get Mailman and exim set up on jaguar.
>A lot of things on the Mac are non-Unix-standard because the Mac
>has a schizophrenic operating system.  Part of it is pure BSD Unix,
>but the rest of it is pure Mac native.  Many things, like starting systems
>services, setting up networking, creating a caching name server, and
>other things that you might expect to be vanilla Unix, have at least
>a couple of strange twists on the Mac.
>Apache set-up on the Mac is easier than on any other Unix system
>I've tried. 
Thx for the information, however I get problem from the starting...
where can I download the binary of mailman? I just have a mac mini which
don't come with make and gcc. Besides, as I don't have other software
need to compile, I would like prevent this process, do you know anywhere
can download the binary?

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