[Mailman-Users] Moderator Notifications Being Discarded

Andrew Klein acklein at siteplan.com
Thu Jun 9 17:11:09 CEST 2005


Thanks.  By sending to "listname-owner at ..." I found the problem was a 
messed up aliases file.  Instead of sending to the owner, it was trying 
to post.


Mark Sapiro wrote:

>Andrew Klein wrote:
>>I have a list where moderator notifications appear to be discarded.  I 
>>have confirmed admin_immed_notify is turned on.  I have tried it with 
>>different moderator addresses.  I believe the 'vette' log is telling me 
>>that the message is being discarded.  I have debugged the source code in 
>>Queue/IncomingRunner.py and can kind of see what is going on.  The 
>>DiscardMessage exception is getting thrown somewhere but I cannot figure 
>>out why or where.  Anyone have a clue on this or how to debug it?  I am 
>>happy to mess with the source code to narrow it down.
>Try sending an e-mail to listname-owner at ... and see what happens to
>Owner notification is a two step process. The notice is created for
>listname-owner and placed in the virgin queue where it is picked up
>and sent to listname-owner and treated as any other message sent to
>the listname-owner address.
>Sending your own mail to listname-owner will at least tell you whether
>the mail is lost in the first or second step. If everything is normal,
>there are two entries in the 'smtp' log for the notice - one (with one
>recipient) when it is sent to listname-owner and one with n recipients
>when it is sent to the n owners/moderators.
>If mail to listname-owner doesn't work, check the alias.
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