[Mailman-Users] Plans to support 2 lists w/ same name in diffdomains?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Jun 13 06:10:56 CEST 2005

Matt England wrote:
>When will Mailman natively (ie, without patches) support 2 lists with the 
>same name in different domains?

It's on the ToDo list (http://www.list.org/todo.html), but unless
someone comes up with a really good implementation in the mean time,
it probably won't happen before Mailman 3.

>I am presuming that the virtualhosts feature does not support this today; 
>if it does, can someone please reply to this thread to let me (us) know?

You are correct. As shipped, there is only one global name space for
list names regardless of virtual host. The virtual hosts capability
supports things like only showing the lists for a given host on that
host's listinfo page and allowing editing of the various templates on
a 'per virtual host' basis, but the list names still have to be unique

>Until then, it looks like the best answer is to run separate mailman 
>installs for every independent, virtualhost domain.  Is this a fair analysis?

If it is important to allow the same list name in two domains, then
yes, I think it is a fair analysis. The various patches for working
around this limitation actually implement an 'invisible' list name
which has the virtual host name appended to the list name. This should
be a viable solution, but the number of complaints from people who've
tried the patches leads me to think that the patches are not complete
enough for general use.

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