[Mailman-Users] 2.1.5 fedora core 3 prevent mailbody problem

Andy Heath cycling at axelrod.plus.com
Mon Jun 13 11:10:02 CEST 2005

Using 2.1.5 on fedora cors 3.  Run an old
mailman for years but just setting this
one up afresh.

Two probs - some regexes and preventing
spams going to moderators while holding
them back:

1. regex matching with some regex'es
causes mailman to loop trying to send
mail to the list-owner and failing.

this seems ok


but this one causes looping


Since I give control of these regex'es to
my other admins this is a problem.
Sounds like a python problem - is there
some way I can fix it, such as using some
specific python version and doing so without a
complete rebuild (I find fedora hard work
building for, its approaches are so

2. Privacy/Spam filters.

The snag I have is this ...
If I hold spam back the mail that goes to
admins/moderators to request their action
contains a copy of the spam email.
With one address I use for moderation I never
see this mail as its filtered out at the
gate without my control and at another it
naturally gets classified as spam itself
and so goes in the spam box (this is
a mozilla client - I can mark these
as non-spam but doing so is not really
desirable because of their content
  - doing so may encourage missed positives).

So there is needed an option to NOT send
a copy of the body of the mail, just a
call to action instead I think.
Of course I could discard spam but this
is a new installation and I want to see
some reliability in classification first
(the other parts are all new too).


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