[Mailman-Users] 2.1.5 fedora core 3 prevent mailbody problem

Andy Heath cycling at axelrod.plus.com
Mon Jun 13 19:54:42 CEST 2005


>> Since this subject matches .*[spam].*, the message to the owner is
>> identified as spam and the whole thing goes again.

 > Not sure I understand you.  It doesn't get as far as the usual
 > sendmail queues.  How does the subject get parsed twice ?

> The solution is to not use regexps which will match the subject of the
> owner notification or, since this is not completely under your
> control, remove 'SpamDetect' from OWNER_PIPELINE, i.e. put
> # This is the pipeline which messages sent to the -owner address go
> through
> #   'SpamDetect',
>     'Replybot',
>     'OwnerRecips',
>     'ToOutgoing',
>     ]
> im mm_cfg.py.

so how does "subject:.*[SPAM}.*" (admitredly meaning s or p etc) trigger 
the behaviour but "subject.*spam" not trigger it ?

Also - where is this code normally ? I presume SpamDetect just
calls the rules defined in the spam section, nothing
cleverer.  And if I do decide to separate owners and
moderators I may need to do the same trick for moderators -
where is that code ? (sorry but with directories all over
the place its horrible finding and grepping.) - presume
there's a MODERATOR_PIPELINE or similar.


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