[Mailman-Users] Problem with a new install...

Michael D. Smith msmith at uss-starlord.org
Wed Jun 15 21:12:36 CEST 2005

At 15:05 6/15/2005, John Dennis wrote:
>The qfile cannot be opened for writing. This is either a permission
>problem or SELinux is denying access. You need to:
>1) Verify the user/group the MTA is executing the post command under,
>then look at the permissions on the directory and file.

I'll have to try that.

>2) Examine /var/log/messages and/or /var/log/audit for "avc" messages,
>these log SELinux denials.
>3) Try turning SELinux off (/usr/sbin/setenforce Permissive)

I turned off SELinux.  :)

>4) Contact me off list for a trial 2.1.6 rpm (I've created the rpm but
>have not tested it yet, you could be the guinna pig :-)

I don't like being a test animal, but thanks for the offer! :)

After this is fixed, I still have to work on that pesky issue with 
getting the webpages to work....

That's what I get from going from RH8 to RHEL 4 :)


msmith at uss-starlord.org 

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