[Mailman-Users] Virtual file confusion

Johan Fredrik Øhman johanfo at ohman.no
Fri Jun 17 17:19:43 CEST 2005

Can somebody explain to me in other words what the problem with:

If in your virtual-dom1 file, you've got the following lines:

    dom1.ain  IGNORE
    @dom1.ain @mail.dom1.ain

   this tells Postfix to deliver anything addressed to dom1.ain to the
   same mailbox at mail.dom1.com, its default destination.

   In this case you would not include dom1.ain in
   POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS because otherwise Mailman will write
   entries for mailing lists in the dom1.ain domain as

    mylist at dom1.ain         mylist
    mylist-request at dom1.ain mylist-request
    # and so on...

   The more specific entries trump your more general entries, thus
   breaking the delivery of any dom1.ain mailing list.

Because, I don't see the problem. Because in both cases all mail will be
delivered locally.  Either through @mail.dom1.ain (default) or mylist-* if
it "hits" a more specific name in the virtual file.


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