[Mailman-Users] pipermail+archives

JC Dill lists05 at equinephotoart.com
Fri Jun 17 17:56:45 CEST 2005

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Jean-Philippe GIOLA wrote:
>>I have seen in the list I use that these 2 headers are not all the times 
>>existing, even if the mail that has been sent is an answer.
>>Perhaps it depends of the MUA.
> Yes, it depends on the MUA. The standard says these headers SHOULD be
> included, not that they MUST be, so it is not wrong to omit them and
> not all MUAs include them.

This will also happen most of the time when the reply user is on digest, 
because the digest has no reference header to the single article they 
are replying to.  The exception may be if they are getting the digest 
type that their email client can explode back into individual articles - 
and if Mailman includes the reference header with the individual 
articles.  Since I don't "do" digests, I don't know what the details are 
with this type of digest and if threading works in this case or not. 
Someone who knows more about this type of digest may be able to give 
input on if it retains the references header for each post.


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