[Mailman-Users] Need assistance trouble shooting problem after moving Mailman from one box to another

Thomas Waters waterstc+ at pitt.edu
Wed Jun 22 23:43:43 CEST 2005

Thanks to everyone who has emailed me with assistance so far.  I have  
some follow up questions:

Following FAQ 3.1.4, I ran check perms.  I see a print out of perms.   
does this command just tell you what they should be; does it fix them?

As per Aliases, the FAQ  is confusing to me, but may be the cause of  
my problems.  I do not understand how to tell if postfix is  
recognizing the ~mailman/data/aliases file.

How do I rebuild the aliases.db file?


On Jun 21, 2005, at 2:10 PM, JC Dill wrote:

> Thomas Waters wrote:
>> I posted last week before moving our distribution lists from a   
>> Panther Server (Mailman 2.1.3) to Tiger Server (Mailman 2.1.5).    
>> Instructioins, esp those from Mark Sapiro were very helpful.  I  
>> was  able to move the lists, and the archives.  Everything in the  
>> OS X  Server Admin UI looks fine and the Mailman Web UI  looks  
>> fine.  I can  add members, delete members.  But none of the  
>> transfered lists appear  to work- mail sent to any of them seems  
>> lost.
>> I can add a new list, add members, and that list works fine, so   
>> Mailman is functioning.
>> On the transfered lists- I did these steps:
>> Stop mailman on old server
>> Stop mailman on new server
>> copy lists and archives
> What about alises?
>> edit mm_cfg.py to show correct host name
>> ran fix_url.py  although told me to run as bin/withlist -l -r  
>> fix_url  listname
>> This appeared to all run successfully.
>> What to do next?
> Look at the list archives.
> If the message makes it to the archive, then mailman is getting the  
> message, so the problem would be with mailman sending the message  
> back out.  Check to make sure the new mailman server has permission  
> to send thru your mail server etc.
> If the message doesn't get to the archives then the problem is with  
> the message getting to mailman, or with mailman processing the  
> message on the incoming side, e.g. broken alises not delivering the  
> mail to mailman or mailman treating the message as spam and  
> discarding it.
> Also look at the mailman logs and the mail server logs.

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