[Mailman-Users] Need more guidance in getting Mailman lists running on OS X Tiger Server

Thomas Waters waterstc+ at pitt.edu
Mon Jun 27 16:21:19 CEST 2005

I tried to move our mailman lists from the older Panther Server to a  
new install of tiger server, and I'm still not there.

Postfix is working.  Mailman is working.  What isn't correct is the  
Web UI for Mailman.

The lists use the addresses somelist at pharmacy.pitt.edu, but the web  
site has a URL of www/pharmacy.pitt.edu/mailman/somelist

In the mm_cfg.py file, email host is set to pharmacy.pitt.edu and URL  
host set to www.pharmacy.pitt.edu.  Is this the correct settings?

If I go to the Maillist admin web page, and try to create a new list,  
I get error- unknown virtual host www.pharmacy.pitt.edu.

I can create a list in the OS X Server Admin however.   I believe the  
only pice that is "broken" is create a new list via the web UI.

NOTE: new email address
Thomas Waters
Director of Information and Communication Services
University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy
waterstc at pitt.edu

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