[Mailman-Users] Mailman 2.1.6b4 issues

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Jun 28 18:49:12 CEST 2005

Darren G Pifer wrote:
>The first issue is
>that the software is sending unsubscription notices to user's e-mail
>addresses, even though the "Send unsubscription acknowledgement to the
>user" is set to No, under "Membership Management", "Mass Removal".

This setting only affects that particular mass removal. In general,
this is controlled by 'send_goodbye_msg' on the general options page.

If the issue is that notices are sent for a particular mass removal
even though send acknowledgement is set to No for that removal, this
may be a case of 'post' data being lost as Brad suggested in another
reply, but that usually results in nothing working at all.

>Secondly, when I try to change one of the configuration settings on a
>list as the mailman administrator for any of the radio buttons under
>"Mass Subscription" or "Mass Removal" and click on submit, the settings
>revert back to the default setting.

Any settings you make to the radio buttons on the mass subscribe/remove
pages affect that particular action only. Defaults for these buttons
are as follows:

Mass Subscribe
   Subscribe/Invite = Subscribe (can't change default w/o hacking code)
   Send Welcome = send_welcome_msg setting from general options
   Notify list owner = admin_notify_mchanges from general options

Mass Remove
   Send Ack to user = No (can't change default w/o hacking code)
   Notify list owner = admin_notify_mchanges from general options

Arguably, the default for

Mass Remove
   Send Ack to user

should be send_goodbye_msg from general options, but it has been 'No'
at least since 2.1.4.

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