[Mailman-Users] Deleting a list - how is this possible?

Bruce N. Audie bruce at bpd.net
Thu Mar 3 04:59:42 CET 2005

This was Dan Phillips' answer to my question about this:

Put "OWNERS_CAN_DELETE_THEIR_OWN_LISTS = Yes" in your mm_cfg.py and run 
bin/mailmanctl restart

This will add a delete option to the web GUI.

Bruce N. Audie

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Subject: [Mailman-Users] Deleting a list - how is this possible?

Hi all,

I created a list using my new mailman installation, and due to 
permission problems it did not create the list correctly.

I now want to delete the list so that I can try and create it again - 
but this functionality seems to be missing from mailman, I cannot find a 
delete list option anywhere, or I'm looking in the wrong place.

I figured the rmlist option in the cgi-bin directory might do what I 
want, but all it gave me was the cryptic and meaningless message "You're 
being a sneaky list owner!", which leaves me no nearer to enlightenment 
on what method should be used to delete a list.

Any ideas?


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