[Mailman-Users] Problem with a list

Joakim Nomell jocke at nomell.se
Wed Mar 2 20:11:12 CET 2005

Hi all. Everything works fine here. Have about 40 lists with over 600 
members. Everyone works. I have all lists configured to set reply-to "this 
list" and to strip reply-to headers before sending them out to the lists.

Suddenly one listed started to behave strange. It had correct reply-to 
header but instead of having the list name and address on the to-line, it 
put the members name there. But when replying, the client used the 
repply-to header and it worked anyway. But why does it change my to-lines 
on one list? All lists have the smae settings except from subscribe policy 
on some closed lists. I solved the problem by deleting the list and create 
it again but that's not an optimal solution =(

Hope someone can give me a hint.

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