[Mailman-Users] Administrative notices

George Booth G.Booth at usm.edu
Fri Mar 4 15:39:22 CET 2005

For accreditation reasons, we are setting up automated lists for the 
colleges of our university. Since we were using Mailman already, we set up a 
seperate server, and scripts automatically create/delete lists based on 
automated data that comes from our PeopleSoft database. These lists are set 
up as announcement-only lists, so only specified people are able to send 
email. The Dean of each college is defaulted as the owner of the list for 
that college, but since we put this into Beta to test it, they've been 
receiving unwanted notifications that pending messages are awaiting 
approval, although there are no messages there. Now, we've created and blown 
away lists several times testing this, and we're thinking maybe some spam 
had tried coming through during one of the incarnations of the lists, but 
when the lists were destroyed, that the data was destroyed as well...but 
Mailman doesn't see it that way, and even though there are no messages 
pending approval, the software is still sending daily notices that there are 
some out there.

These pending messages would be kept in the data directory under the mailman 
directory, correct? Is there any other place these messages might be kept 
that we're overlooking? And is there any way to tell Mailman to stop sending 
notifications for pending messages that don't exist? :)



George Booth     iTech System Administrator
G.Booth at usm.edu
University of Southern Mississippi 

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