[Mailman-Users] Postfix problem: Local deliveriesarebeing smtp delivered instead

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri Mar 4 15:36:48 CET 2005

At 1:05 PM +0200 2005-03-04, Graham Leggett wrote:

>  Brad Knowles said:
>>  	A few seconds Googling for "postfix mail loops back to myself"
>>  turns up the page at <http://www.topology.org/linux/postfixloop.html>
>>  as the third link.
>  A link which does not describe the problem I am having in the slightest.

	Try re-reading it.  I believe you will find that it does.

>  I have spent _three full days_ trying to search for the answer to this
>  problem, not a few seconds.

	I can understand your frustration, but taking it out on me isn't 
going to help you solve your problem any sooner.

>                              I have googled forwards backwards and
>  sideways, I have jacked up the logging, I now completely understand what
>  Postfix is trying to do (it is delivering local mail via the smtp
>  transport, no clue why) but I cannot find the solution and neither could
>  anybody on the postfix list.

	Try putting the fully qualified domain name in question into your 
$mydestination list.  Postfix should then recognize the domain as 
local and not something to be delivered via SMTP.  This is explained 
on the page above.

	However, the author of that page spent a lot of time putting 
together examples to make the description of the problem more 
concrete, so that he could better explain the problem, and better 
explain the solution.

>              A few seconds of reading a post may cause you to think the
>  answer is trivial, but a few more seconds of reading it would have shown
>  that the problem isn't that simple.

	Having looked at your entire post yet once again, It sure looks 
that simple to me.  You've got the following $mydestination defined:

		mydestination = $myhostname, localhost, localhost.$mydomain

	From looking at the log entries you quoted, I presume that your 
$hostname may be "chandler".  I hope that you've got $mydomain set to 
"sharp.fm".  However, you do not define $mydestination to include 
"$myhostname.$mydomain", although you do include "localhost" and 

	The fact that you might require $mydestination to include 
"$myhostname.$mydestination" should have been obvious by reading the 
documentation, and the page I quoted.

>  As I said, I posted here in an effort to find out if anybody else has had
>  a problem integrating mailman and postfix virtual mail config. If nobody
>  can help me, then so be it, but I've had enough of a trying time with this
>  problem over the last three days, I don't need flame bait piled on top of
>  it.

	It is fundamentally *not* a problem with Mailman, or an 
integration issue between postfix or Mailman.  If it was, I would 
have given you a lot more leeway.

	This is clearly a pure postfix problem.  Even if I'm wrong in the 
solution that I recommend, I am quite certain that this is a pure 
postfix problem, and has absolutely nothing to do with Mailman.

	This is why I said:

		This is a postfix configuration problem.  I would recommend
		checking the Postfix FAQ, and the archive of the postfix-users
		mailing list.

	I see nothing here that would be considered to be inflammatory.

	Your response was:

		Already did to no avail, which is why I am now asking it here
		in case anyone here has ever run into this.

	However, the problem is that this mailing list is intended for 
the support of Mailman, and a lot of people on the list do not use 
postfix.  Asking us to support postfix as well as Mailman is not a 
good idea, and detracts from the main purpose of this list.

	You need to use the resources which were intended to support your 
non-Mailman problem, and not abuse us to support a program which is 
not our focus.

	And yes, although I understand your frustration, you are getting 
rather abusive now.  You're not only abusing the list to support a 
program other than Mailman, you're being personally abusive towards 
me because I'm trying to get you to take the problem where it really 

	To be honest, I should not have attempted to provide any kind of 
a solution for you.  But at this point, I basically just want the 
abuse to stop.

	The next time someone asks us to answer postfix questions, 
they're going to get a lot less help than you have.  That's a pity.

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