[Mailman-Users] Restoring mailman

Michael Sullivan michael at espersunited.com
Sun Mar 6 18:37:38 CET 2005

About a month ago I had a year-old version of mailman running on my
Fedora Core 1 mail server.  FC1 installed mailman in /var/mailman, which
I added to my daily backup schedule.  I have since then wiped the FC1
box and installed Gentoo on it.  I have finally gotten mailman to work
properly.  On the old installation I had a small mailing list for
exchanging news among my family.  I am wondering how to move the old
mailman's settings and subscriber data for my family's list without
having access to the old mailman's interface.  I looked in the FAQ, but
the only thing I found would have required me to have access to the old
mailman.  I have successfully set up the list (via bin/newlist) and
moved the archives for that list from their old position in the backup
archive to their respective position in the new mailman installation
file hierarchy, but I can't seem to find the file that contains the
subscriber list.  Is it possible to obtain the subscriber list without
access to the old mailman interface?

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