[Mailman-Users] mailman/data directory

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Mar 7 19:06:36 CET 2005

Young, Darren wrote:

>Wow, discard is slow. Locking of the list seems to take quite a bit of time (i/o perhaps) so I am only able to discard around 15 messages a minute. System is heavily loaded as is though. Any way to speed that process up?

How are you running bin/discard? are you running in a shell script one
file at a time or giving it a list of files? You may not be able to do
"bin/discard data/heldmsg*" with IIRC 147,000 files, but you should
give discard as big a chunk as you can.

Locking, saving and unlocking a list is slow for a large list, but
discard only does that once per list, even if given many files for
that list.

OTOH, it may be slow because of a large number of request.pck entries.
If this is the case, it should get faster as entries are deleted.

Also, once the 147K files are gone, it would be a good idea to compact
the data/ directory by copying its remaining contents to a new
directory with the same permissions, deleting data/ and renaming the
new directory to data/ (safest to stop Mailman while doing this). It
may even help speed things up to discard a chunk, compact the data/
directory, discard another chunk, etc.

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