[Mailman-Users] Safe Archive Clean

John W. Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Mon Mar 7 19:41:25 CET 2005

Yes unless find finds "too many" files that match, in which case it's more
find /home/mailman/archives/private -ctime +30 | xargs rm -rf

xargs will batch the calls to rm with reasonable numbers of files (man xargs
for controlling batch size and other goodies)  And it will do other fun
things.  (I'm trusting your -ctime +30 predicate to find.)

If you can use exec ls {}
you can probably exec the rm.  (I always test my find blah | xargs with
something benign like ls before punging ahead.)

The xargs thing is faster for any non-small file count even if the exec
method works, and it's friendlier to the machine.


On 3/7/2005 8:59, "Young, Darren" <Darren.Young at ChicagoGSB.edu> wrote:

> Is it safe to simply do something such as this in the archive directory:
> find /home/mailman/archives/private -ctime +30 -exec rm -fr {} \;
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> Hi,
> Young, Darren wrote:
>> Now, what I'm finding is that if a list has content filtering disabled,
>> or set to allow other MIME types through (such as HTML) and if a member
>> is of type digest and they have the plain option enabled for digests,
>> they receive a message in their digest with a URL of where they can see
>> a copy of the original message. The URL included has a pipermail address
>> in it. On the server, the file was placed in that directory however I
>> have pipermail disabled (since we don't support archives). Any way to
>> disable this part or do I just need to wipe those archived files?
> Currently, the plain text digest saves attachments in the pipermail area
> on the hypothis that the archive is available. Or, the digest members
> have no means to get the attachments other than to decode MIME manually.
> You should wipe the archive periodically if you don't want those to be
> kept in the archive area. You may also have to tell the list owners (and
> users) your policy and not to use plain text digests but use mime digests.
> You will have to hack the code if you want to do this silently.
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