[Mailman-Users] Mailman and Postfix queue (mailq) question

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Mar 8 22:27:01 CET 2005

Christopher Adams wrote:
>My questions is about some of the entries in the queue, when I run 
>mailq. What is the part: 
>libs-or-bounces+c620c0ce6987c4a2e5753ed1de6684d079cce346 at mailmanhost.com
>Many of the bounces just list libs-or-bounces at mailmanhost.com
>E57294E4EE    10440 Sat Mar  5 09:00:15 
>libs-or-bounces+c620c0ce6987c4a2e5753ed1de6684d079cce346 at mailmanhost.com
>                   (connect to nl.cc.org[]: Connection refused)
>                                          lsmith at nl.cc.org

It is a probe message sent from bounce processing prior to disabling
the subscription. The c620c0ce6987c4a2e5753ed1de6684d079cce346 part is
a token used to uniquely identify the recipient in the event the probe

The following is from the 2.1.5 NEWS file.

    - The bounce processor has been redesigned so that now when an
      bounce score reaches the threshold, that address will be sent a
      message.  Only if the probe bounces will the address be disabled.
      score is reset to zero when the probe is sent.  Also, bounce
events are
      now kept in an event file instead of in memory.  This should help
      contain the bloat of the BounceRunner.

      New supporting variables in Defaults.py: VERP_PROBE_FORMAT,

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