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Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Mar 9 17:29:14 CET 2005

John W. Baxter wrote:
>Whether the MTA adds a Return-Path: (or other) header is configurable in
>most MTAs...I don't know how to set up Postfix to add it to messages sent to
>the Mailman input CGI.

It doesn't seem that it should be "configurable". Quoting from RFC
2821, sec 4.4

 When the delivery SMTP server makes the "final delivery" of a message,
 it inserts a return-path line at the beginning of the mail data. This
 use of return-path is required; mail systems MUST support it. The
 return-path line preserves the information in the <reverse- path> from
 the MAIL command. Here, final delivery means the message has left the
 SMTP environment. Normally, this would mean it had been delivered to
 the destination user or an associated mail drop, but in some cases it
 may be further processed and transmitted by another mail system.

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