[Mailman-Users] Adding custom header widely

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Mar 10 23:09:44 CET 2005

At 11:33 AM -0500 2005-03-10, Forrest Aldrich wrote:

>  On a related note, it was asked of me a while ago to "customize" the
>  reponse messges that people get when subscribing to lists, or even to
>  disable the confirmation messages (at the time, the angle was they
>  were superfluous - which I don't agree with).

	Which messages are you talking about?

>  I found the code sections that contained the templates for the
>  responses - might be a nice future "wish list" item to have those
>  customizable via some template.

	Some of these messages are editable via the web interface, some 
others are configurable via templates.

	There are also some that are hard-coded.  I addressed one of 
those in my proposed patch at 
but Tokio found a different way to resolve the problem, and his 
solution gives us another web-editable field.

	If you've got any others, please post the patches (if you can), 
or at least post adequate identifying information to the Mailman RFE 
page on SourceForge.

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