[Mailman-Users] Setting up mailman website

Timothy Horie tak at thorie.com
Fri Mar 11 19:53:38 CET 2005

I tried http://www.thorie.com/mailman/admin
And got a 404 error
I think that for some reason, apache or the cgi user id isn't able to 
access /home/tak/mailman/cgi-bin
Do I need to change the permissions for /home/tak or /home/mailman?
I vaguely remember a problem I had before where apache wouldn't let me 
have aliases to any location outside of /var/www because of security 
reasons. I don't really remember what that was about.

Any of you guys use Apache know?

Timothy Horie wrote:

> I tried http://www.thorie.com/mailman/
> (with the extra slash at the end)
> And instead of a 404 error, I got a 403 forbidden error.
> The permissions on my /home/tak/mailman/cgi-bin are:
> drwxrwsr-x   2 tak mailman 4096 Mar 11 08:32 cgi-bin
> Do I need to change that to www-data that apache runs as?
> I didn't specify a --with-cgi-gid=??? when I did a ./configure
> Should I set this to something in particular?
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