[Mailman-Users] External Archivers - Anyone Have Working Setup

Lloyd F. Tennison lists at viplist.us
Sat Mar 12 10:33:33 CET 2005

Does anyone have any experience with any of the external archivers?  I 
have looked at the scattered information posted and found most of it is over 
four years old or that the links are invalid.  (All references to kanga.nu in the 
FAQ's are no invalid.  The instructions for MHonArc are four years old.) 
Since files and features mentioned in the old posting no longer exist in both 
programs - I am lost.  I would like it to both archive and use it to send the 
digests.  Most of the emails on my lists are html, and since pipermail will 
not handle html at all, the digests come with nothing in them.

I have also tried ARCHIVE_HTML_SANITIZER = 2 (or 3) and all it does is 
delete all html:


(Non-html text here - then at the bottom of the message)

-------------- next part --------------
Skipped content of type text/html

is what is supposed to be escaped.  

If someone has an example setup, would be greatly appreciated.


Lloyd F. Tennison
lloyd_tennison at whoever.com

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