[Mailman-Users] installing..PLEASE help

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Mon Mar 14 13:06:55 CET 2005

At 12:54 PM -0800 2005-03-13, Tamara Yoggev wrote:

>  Starting sendmail: 451 4.0.0 /etc/mail/sendmail.cf: line 7: fileclass:
>  cannot open 'ATURE(local_procmail)': No such file or directory

	This is supposed to be "FEATURE(local_procmail)".  Somehow, the 
leading "FE" appears to have been left off, and this has almost 
certainly caused everything else to be thrown out of what.  If you 
correct the use of "ATURE" with "FEATURE" and re-try, you'll have a 
better chance of getting that to work.

	Of course, these changes need to be made in a file like 
/etc/mail/sendmail.mc, and then you use m4 to "compile" that into the 
corresponding /etc/mail/sendmail.cf.  If you did this directly in 
/etc/mail/sendmail.cf, then that would be your other problem.

>  2. I've successfully created a few lists via the command line, but when I
>  try to create a list on the web, I get this message:
>     Error: you are not authorized to create new mailing lists.
>     I'm using my site password (which I know I created), which is the same
>  as list administrator password for the bottom field, and
>    yes, I've recreated the password and tries creating the list several
>  times. I know I have'nt misspelled anything.

	Not sure what to tell you.  This error should only be issued when 
you're using an incorrect site password, as generated by mmsitepass.

	What's showing up in your logs?

>  3. When I try to view the list properties on the web, for instance: If
>  I created a list called 'test', and I go to www.dom.ain\mailman\admin\testI
>  get a message: No such list: test. (and it does exist when I run the
>  list_lists command, it's there!)

	You need to use forward slashes, not backslashes.  You also need 
to avoid the use of the vertical pipe character.

	However, until you can get problems #1 and #2 corrected, I 
wouldn't be surprised that you'd have additional problems like this. 
Go back and get #1 and #2 fixed, and that may very well fix #3 as 

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