[Mailman-Users] cc messages to mailman lists

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Mar 14 21:39:35 CET 2005

Anne Shroeder - Internet Society wrote:

>My boss just asked me why messages sent via cc to a list end up in the
>pending queue.  My assumption is that it is to prevent spam, but is
>there any way to turn this feature off?  (Note:  I do not think it is a
>good idea to turn it off, but am being *requested* to do it<G>).

Do you really mean via Cc:, or do you mean via Bcc:? Messages sent to a
list via Bcc: are generally held (depending on settings) for "implicit
destination". There should be no difference between a post with the
list address in Cc: vs. To: "everything else being equal".

Every message that is held has a reason associated with it which is
reported in the admindb interface and in the notice to the list owner.
What is the reason in these cases?

If the messages are being held for implicit destination, see the admin
pages Privacy options...->Recipient
filters->require_explicit_destination. Also look at max_num_recipients
on the same page in case the real reason is "too many recipients".

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