[Mailman-Users] moving archives between lists

Franco, Ruben rufranco at utep.edu
Mon Mar 14 22:21:43 CET 2005

            One of our list owners wishes to change the name of his
list.  I could not find a rename utility so we are going to try creating
a new list and then moving members and the post archives to a newly
created list.  I was able to export and then import he users but Have
run into problems copying over the archives.


            Tried copying the contents of the
./archives/private/<old_list> into the ./archives/private/<new_list>.
While the archives are viewable, some links in the archive pages are
hard coded to the <old_list>.  Is there any kind of migration utility
that could more cleanly move the archives over or something to fix the
links to point to the <new_list>?





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