[Mailman-Users] Using Mailman for High Volume Subscription Mailings... and High Availability

Philippe Landau lists at user-land.org
Tue Mar 15 06:51:43 CET 2005

Forrest Aldrich wrote:
>>     I don't think anyone anywhere has publicly talked about doing both 
>> high-volume and high-availability, at least not with Mailman.
pair.com has investigated this and put considerable
resources into these questions.
their newsgroups are semipublic,
but i am sure if you ask Kevin Martin
he can point you in the right direction.
excellent people there.

kind regards     philippe


> I gather this, from all the searching I've done.    I've not really 
> found any useful information about scaling and 
> high-availabilty/redundancy in the FAQ or anywhere else.
> The HA solution will very likely be solved with a stable 
> database/backend hook where we can store/retrieve Mailman's information 
> -- standard scalablity on that side will be relatively straightforward.
> I've not looked into the MyslqMembership hack yet.   Has anyone used this?
> Thanks,
> Forrest

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