[Mailman-Users] HTDIG problems

Joakim Nomell jocke at nomell.se
Mon Mar 14 14:04:31 CET 2005

On Mon, 14 Mar 2005, George Theall wrote:

>>> /usr/bin/htsearch -c $prefix/archives/htdig/<listname>.conf
>>> Give it something to search for and answer "short" for the format value.
>> Nothing in the webserverlog but the comandline test gave no output at all:
> This suggests a problem with htdig / htsearch rather than Mailman.

True, the problem seems to be that it complains about:

displayParsedFile: Can't open /var/www/html/htdig/nomatch.html

And the same thing with header.html when it gets positive hits. Don't know 
where to set that htsearch should look for these files on other locations. 
For now, i made a symlink to /usr/share/htdig where it can find all images 
and html-files related to htdig/htsearch. Now it works just fine. But if 
you have a hint where to set this so I can get rid of symlinks, it would 
be perfect =)? I bet that I forgot how I solved it the next time I need to 
reinstall the box =) Its easier to have backups of conf-files.

Thanks a lot for your help =)

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