[Mailman-Users] News-to-mail gateway

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Tue Mar 15 11:24:33 CET 2005

At 11:26 AM +0200 2005-03-15, Puiu @ Xentra wrote:

>                                           The problem
>  is I don't know how often the mail-to-news and news-to-
>  mail sync occurs.

	That depends on how often you run the NewsRunner job out of cron. 
By default, that's typically every five minutes.

>                     I have sent a message to one of the
>  news group a hour ago and it didn't showed up on mailing
>  list yet.

	You may not be running the NewsRunner job, or your problem may be 
something else.  Look at your log files.

>  It passed 4 days from then and now I know for sure
>  that messages from the news groups are not getting to the mailing list.
>  I have selected both mail-to-news and news-to-mail
>  all messages posted to the list appears on the news groups,
>  but nothing posted on the news-groups shows up in the mailing lists.

	You've got to run the NewsRunner job out of cron.

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