[Mailman-Users] Mailman Question

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Wed Mar 16 10:13:23 CET 2005

At 10:29 AM -0800 2005-03-15, Dwayne Phillips wrote:

>  I have one problem, this resides on a shared machine. Any way to script it
>  for a particular client?

	As Mark said:

>>  If you're asking regarding an individual list rather than the site, you
>>  would have to set digest_send_periodic to No and then send digests
>>  through some other process. You can't use cron/senddigests directly
>>  because it only sends digests for lists that have digest_send_periodic
>>  set to Yes even if the list is named on the command line, but you
>>  could look at the code to see how a digest is sent and make a simple
>>  script to do the same thing or use bin/withlist.

	In this case, it sounds to me like you're going to need to get 
help from the people who run the shared machine, because there's 
going to have to be some custom Python code that is written and 
executed through a cron job of some sort.

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