[Mailman-Users] Help with Topics

Martin Dennett md69 at md69.co.uk
Wed Mar 16 15:42:29 CET 2005

Hi All

I'm new to this, so go easy on me!

I've searched the archives and not found what I'm looking for, so maybe 
somebody out there can explain it in terms so that I can understand ;-)

Having just moved a list over from Yahoo, I'd like to be able to still 
reach users who are set to No Email. Yahoo provided the facility for 
"Special Notices", and looking through the various options available, it 
would seem that the Topics category is what I need. However, no matter 
what I put in the "Regexp" field, I don't receive a mail with a set word 
in the subject line. My question is simple - how should the Regexp field 
be filled? I have put (on various permutations) Subject: ORG in there to 
no avail. I even added the list tag in there - still no joy.

It's driving me mad, but I'm sure that somebody out there knows the answer!



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