[Mailman-Users] Re: OSX mailman problem

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Wed Mar 16 20:30:28 CET 2005

At 10:13 AM +0000 2005-03-16, Ian Eiloart wrote:

>  Well, the GNU license says that they have to share the source with the
>  people that they distribute it to. If it's binary code, that means you
>  have to distribute the source. If it's python scripts, then the
>  executable code _is_ the source. I do see additions to the scripts, and
>  the GUI is also an addition.  I don't see modifications, though.

	If they've made changes to the Python code, then they're covered. 
Other than the scripts and the Python code, I don't think that there 
are any "binaries" that we ship.

>  One thing I can't tell is what version they've distributed.

	Reliable sources have informed me that it is 2.1.2.

>                                                               Is there a
>  way to query the Mailman version from the command line?

	Good question.  I don't know.

>  Anyway, it would have been good for Apple to submit their changes to
>  Mailman.

	That's certainly what we would have preferred.  I've tried 
contacting the appropriate people at Apple, and they have never 

	The word that I have from other people at Apple that I have 
talked to is that the group responsible for doing OSX Server 
development doesn't care about any support issues, and they are just 
as unresponsive to internal Apple people as they are to outsiders. 
And even less responsive to Apple customers.  ;(

>            I'm just trying to figure out whether they've contravened
>  the GNU license. If they've changed the source for the compiled parts,
>  then they may well have.

	Do we ship any compiled parts?

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