[Mailman-Users] Configuring the UI of Mailmain interface

Bruce A Baumgart Bruce.Baumgart at inl.gov
Wed Mar 16 15:37:45 CET 2005

Jim Tittsler <jwt at onjapan.net> wrote on 03/16/2005 07:14:45 AM:


> On Mar 16, 2005, at 00:25, Bruce A Baumgart wrote:
> > I think she wants (and so do I) to link the gnu icon to www.gnu.org,
> > etc.

>   You're right it would be more consistent if they
> were live in both the image and text versions.

Thanks, just what I need.  In fact, on python.org, they say of their logo "
The logo should be linked to the Python web site".

Bruce Baumgart
Bruce.Baumgart at inel.gov

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