[Mailman-Users] true virtual hosting with mailman-2.1.5

Christian Anton mail at christiananton.de
Fri Mar 18 15:42:12 CET 2005

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>Christian Anton wrote:
>>i got it installing finally, applying the patch line after line manually 
>>in editor. It installes everything fine, but now when i want to create a 
>>list "mailman" i get the following error:
>>ipx10995 mailman # ./bin/newlist
>>Name der Mailingliste: mailman
>>e-Mailadresse des Listenverwalters: mail at christiananton.de
>>Erstmaliges Passwort für die Liste mailman:
>>Traceback (most recent call last):
>> File "./bin/newlist", line 219, in ?
>>   main()
>> File "./bin/newlist", line 160, in main
>>   mlist.Create(listname, owner_mail, pw)
>> File "/home/mailman/Mailman/MailList.py", line 455, in Create
>>   postingaddr = '%s@%s' % (firstname, domain)
>>UnboundLocalError: local variable 'firstname' referenced before assignment
>The error occurs in a patched line indicating a problem with the patch.
>The submitter of the patch has made some recent changes (yesterday). I
>suggest you go back to
>and follow the link in the recent comment to the latest 2.1.4 patch
>and use that as a starting point.
this part is working fine now. I got the new patch, the patch's author 
sent it to me.

Thank you!


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