[Mailman-Users] Delayed Message sending

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Mar 18 18:29:13 CET 2005

Robert Haack wrote:

>I have a user that sent a message to a list and the message did not go 
>through right away.  I decided to look at the log files and I found the 
>message below:
>post:Mar 16 13:21:44 2005 (4221) post to all_sub from 
>someuser at nclack.k12.or.us,
>size=4209, message-id=<p05210603be5e3b95a6a8@[]>, 26 failures
>Can anybody tell me what the problem could be and any ideas on how to 
>resolve this problem?

Mailman is telling you that it's attempt to deliver the post via SMTP
to your outgoing MTA failed for 26 of the messages recipients which
may be all or only part.

You may find more in the 'smtp-failure' log at the same time. Also look
in the MTA logs.

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