[Mailman-Users] Getting Mailman to work

Olson, Gary golson at eicc.edu
Fri Mar 18 18:41:54 CET 2005

 Yes, it was a Postfix config problem.  I needed to change the
mynetworks (needed both localhost and the ip of server), myorigin,
mydestination, mydomain, and myhostname variables in the main.cf file
for Postfix.  Part of the problem was also with the DNS MX for the
server.  Changing these variables was not mentioned in the
Readme.Postfix file that is included with a Mailman install.  I don't
know if this problem was unique to my situation or if this is a common


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Olson, Gary wrote:

>Messages sent from within the administrative area for the "test" list 
>to remind myself of the password have simply been queued and contain 
>the error message stating:
><golson at eicc.edu>: host barracuda.eicc.edu[] said: 550
>    <test-bounces at>: Sender address rejected: Domain not 
>found (in
>    reply to RCPT TO command)
>However I can send messages to golson at eicc.edu as member postfix when I

>change the "from" heading to test.ateec-lists.org within postfix
>Is this perhaps that I have the permissions for Mailman set wrong?
>help anyone can provide will be appreciated.   Thanks!

It looks to me like a Postfix configuration problem, i.e. Mailman is
sending the mail as it should and Postfix is not accepting it because it
doesn't like the sender <test-bounces at>.

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