[Mailman-Users] Re: Getting Mailman to work

John W. Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Sun Mar 20 01:51:45 CET 2005

On 3/19/2005 16:16, "Zoran Dzelajlija"
<jelly+mailman-users-via-gmane at srk.fer.hr> wrote:

> Mark Sapiro <msapiro at value.net> wrote:
>> It looks to me like a Postfix configuration problem, i.e. Mailman is
>> sending the mail as it should and Postfix is not accepting it because
>> it doesn't like the sender <test-bounces at>.
> Shouldn't that be <test-bounces@[]> (as per rfc2821, 4.1.3)?
Indeed.  Thanks to 3Com and friends,, which was once
syntactically invalid, is now simply a syntactically correct FQDN which
doesn't have a host to be the name of (there is no 147 top level domain).

To be a IP literal, the IP indeed needs to be inside a bracket pair (as it
long has...well before 3Com caused domain names to be much harder to
recognize than they should be).

Postfix is configured "correctly" by some definition of correct.  The
sending entity needs to get it right.

If mailman is generating the <test-bounces at>, Mailman is


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