[Mailman-Users] Additional Customization of Message Templates?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Mar 21 23:36:46 CET 2005

Adrian Wells wrote:
>I have two questions concerning customizing message templates that I have
>not yet found answers for in the FAQ or mail archives (if I missed
>something please let me know and in that case I apologize for posting this
>1)  How does one access list specific variables such as 'description' and
>'info' in templates such as verify.txt and subscribeack.txt?
>It sounds like this is possible by modifying MailList.py.  In fact there
>appears to be a previous thread on this subject
>Does the information in this apply to this question?

Yes, it does, but MailList.py is not always the module that needs to be
modified. The second post in the previous thread mentions using grep
to find the module(s) that reference the template. In the case of
subscribeack.txt, that module is Deliverer.py

>2)  How does one customize the From and Subject fields in the Welcome or
>Goodbye messages sent out from a list?
>It would be great if the value used in the From field was taken from the
>"Explicit Reply-To: header" specified under General Options on Mailman's
>default administrative web interface. 

These two messages at least are generated in Deliverer.py by calling
Message.UserNotification(). The arguments of this call specify To,
From, Subject, message and language.

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