[Mailman-Users] Messages not getting through

Tim Holmes tholmes at mcaschool.net
Tue Mar 22 19:06:35 CET 2005

Good Afternoon folks

I have just set up a mailman server, and have run into a bit of a config
issue I think.

The list is called MCAINFO, and I am the owner of the list and the
administrator for the mailman box.  My owner address is tholmes at ....

I want to configure the list so that the moderators can post but no one
else -- its an information list, not a discussion list.

I have joined the list using a different address (my home addy)
w8tah at ....

When I try to post from w8tah - nothing happens -- which is as it should

When I try to post from tholmes (the moderator) -- nothing happens --
which is most defiantly not as it should be

Also no messages show up in the archive

I'm kinda new to this, and Im sure I have missed something some place,
but I cant find it, and im not seeing it in the manuals anywhere (that's
not saying its not there)


Tim Holmes
IT Manager / Webmaster
Medina Christian Academy
A Higher Standard...
Jeremiah 33:3
Jeremiah 29:11
Esther 4:14

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