[Mailman-Users] Could not get immediately message

=?gb2312?B?zfUgsqk=?= kingspread2005 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 24 04:00:21 CET 2005


     i am using Mailman-2.16beta on my RedHat linux box,it works.But here 
is the problem i got now: the Digest works fine,the members can get daily 
digest without any problem,while if member sent a individual message to the 
list,after it was approved,members who register as "non-digest" should get 
it,right? but actually not.... Please tell me where the problem is or how 
can i solve it,is there anything should be set in configuration field ? 
(non-digestable function already ON,i am 100% sure).
     BTW,before i used version 2.15,the digest and non-digest both work,but 
the problem is the delievery of all messages randomly delayed 
sometimes,then i upgraded to 2.16beta,the delay problem seems solved,but 
this new one came....  
     This is urgent for me to solve it,appreciate if anyone can help,Thanks 
a lot

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