[Mailman-Users] unknown mailer problems

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Thu Mar 24 07:24:36 CET 2005

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>I'm not saying it won't work. I think it probably will. The one issue I
>think you may have is if you have private archives, they may turn out
>to be accessible to anyone because your web server now runs as group
>mailman which is documented as wrong for this reason.
    Hrm, yes, that would be a problem (I just tested it and it's indeed 
visible to everyone, despite the URL difference.)  I'd hate to have to 
come up with a login procedure outside of mailman simply because it 
won't play well with suexec.  Yes I realize it's mentioned very 
specifically that mailman needs for the exec not to be run as the 
mailman user, however that will go against suexec's security feature.  
So I guess my question now is, what can be done to make this work?  Or 
maybe a better question would be, when will mailman reach a point where 
it will and can run within a suexec environment?  I like my security and 
I like using mailman.

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